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inKNOWvate (now offers whole-system design solutions for creating sustainable technical and organizational innovation. Our approach helps you to realize deeper forms of innovation and healthier forms of decision-making. This is done through design workshops and group facilitations known as CoLabs (TM) that support and accelerate companies, NGO's, and cities that are moving toward a sustainable triple bottom line profit model.


  • Triple Bottom Line Business Planning
  • Modeling For Sustainability and Innovation
  • Group Facilitation For Organizational and Product Design
    • What does inKNOWvate do?

      We facilitate capacity building for social innovation -- the ongoing, collaborative efforts resulting in highly creative solutions to complex organizational social problems. The services we provide center around designing and facilitating group processes that leverage natural processes of communication to maximize social innovation throughout the organization. Ultimately, enhanced social innovation leads to an organization better able to optimize its ability to make decisions that result in sustainable competitive advantage.

      • Our work to facilitate enhanced decision-making ability applies to all aspects of organizational governance: from visioning, to strategic planning, to policy making, to daily operations.
      • Integral to our approach is the practice of architecting and implementing next generation innovation using sustainability as a catalyst.
      • Depending on client needs, we are able to co-develop a customized program adapted to the particular set of internal and external factors impacting the organization’s overall state of sustainability.
      • Benefits:

        • Build a Culture of Innovation
        • Generate Whole-System Innovation
        • Advance Enterprise Architecture
        • Develop the framework for creating a Learning Organization
        • Evolve Stakeholder Values into Company Value
        • Manage Using a Triple Bottom Line
        • Incorporate Sustainability Reporting to Enhance Innovation
        • Improve Decision-Making Processes Across the Company

        CoLab Design Tracks:

        Developing "Sustainable Innovation" Within Your Enterprise:


        Transform group design and creativity into accelerated planning and action.

        Sustainability Reporting - Specialized CoLabs:

        Determine how to fast track the requirements necessary for establishing an internal process for completing your company's annual reports, and link it to developing new forms of technical and social innovation.

        Venture Capital Startups and Investment Planning:

        Venture capital firms are now adding value beyond just the financial investment into their startup companies. Using CoLaboratories, starups develop early stakeholder alignments that help to clarify organizational developments and technical design processes. Thereby startups can be accelerated into their marketplace with more resiliency.

        Company Business Planning:

        Create plans that align with triple bottom line perspectives, while also incorporating essential business requirements for economic success.

        Organizational Ethics Trainings:

        Learn how to maintain a balance between company principles, practices, and policies.

        Company Values Assessments:

        Take a journey from personal meaning, to group awareness, and into enterprise strategy and value creation.

        Sustainable Innovation Presentations:

        Going beyond green thinking to applied sustainable innovation - inKNOWvate takes standard workshops and presentations to another level, where participants are engaged in an interactive fun learning experience ... and “innovation” is an outcome.

        Enterprise Transformation:

        Customized whole-system processes for becoming a "Sustainable Learning Organization".

        Collaborative Learning Workshops:

        Teams experientially learn new processes for thinking, learning, and doing their work using emerging concepts for creating innovation that is specific to desired outcomes and work projects.

        Green Business Technology Incubation:

        Sustainability has now become the foundation for all forms of business. Design your city's company start-up incubator based on triple bottom line principles and watch your local commerce thrive.

        Executive 'Sustainable Innovation' Coaching and Consultation:

        Key leadership members work individually or in small groups optimizing how to move your organization into new forms of company-wide innovation.

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