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CoLab™ Deliverables

whatiscolab1.JPGTo ensure that the agreements, ideas, discussions, wisdom, knowledge, learnings, skills and memories, etc, are preserved in a format that allows for continued development and evolution. The outcomes of the event will be Web-based synthesis put into a storybook form that shows the generation of the CoLab™ including: graphic imagery, all white boards notes, group creations, vision and strategic outcomes; videos and audios of key CoLab™ sessions. Graphic recordings of meeting "minutes" with real-time graphic representations of discussions, ideas, agreements.

What kind of follow up is provided?

A commitment to your ongoing success by providing customized quarterly reviews, secondary sessions, online collaboration tools, extended organizational and business modeling, coaching, and council.






Innovation is not the product of logical thought, although the result is tied to logical structure ... Albert Einstein

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