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CoLab™ Basic Steps

  1. Interview with primary decision-makers
  2. Receiving a commitment payment
  3. Establishing first level needs comprehension with core team
  4. Determining present stakeholders, types, and commitment levels
  5. Clarifying CoLab™ requirements based on desired outcomes
  6. Providing a formal proposal that includes CoLab™ plan and deliverables
  7. Performing the CoLab™ itself
  8. Completing CoLab™ deliverables

What Happens Before CoLab™?

Critical information that needs to come from the core team:

  • Determine stakeholders and their commitment to the organization and CoLab participation
  • Answer a questionnaire, to be used to determine stakeholder community
  • Complete an online values assessment

How much development time does a CoLab™ require?

A typical CoLab™ is structured into three parts - PreCoLab, CoLab™, and PostCoLab. The purpose the PreCoLab is to prepare for the CoLab™. The Purpose of the PostCoLab is follow up on all the materials generated during the CoLab™ and make them avaiable for continued development. Each actual day of a CoLab™, on average, requires about one day each of Pre and Post CoLab work.

Follow up

A commitment to your ongoing success by providing customized quarterly reviews, secondary sessions, online collaboration tools, extended organizational and business modeling, coaching, and counsel.


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