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Vic Desotelle

Vic brings cross-functional expertise to new business and technology ventures. His background covers engineering, technical management, principles of sustainability, organizational learning, values integration, mythological transforms, and other experiences and expressions in cultural and organizational innovation.

As an Organizational Design Architect, his firm inKNOWvate acts as a center for entrepreneurial ventures, organizations, and communities seeking new forms of innovation and identity transformation. His charter is to enable enterprise innovation using the principles of whole-system processes, collaborative learning, and sustainable design, all centered on stakeholder values. Through his Work, he is supporting the making of sustainable businesses, innovative technologies, and healthy communities that align with our emerging globally-conscious society.
Vic's Silicon Valley background in engineering provides a baseline for rational systems thinking and technical development, while his work with nonlinear, organic systems provides a deeper understanding of (w)holism, its importance to the innovation process, and its relationship to organizations providing solutions that balance economic, ecological, and social needs, which is internationally known as the 'triple bottom line'.

Vic emphasizes the need for evolved thinking and compassion within organization (be it a company or a city) to understand how individuals can organize themselves to both serve and profit within a global marketplace. To this end, he has committed his future to shaping new frameworks and models that will help to align organizations with a greater global awareness of cultural values so that healthier, vital, more whole societies can be created and sustained.

Drew Goodwin

Drew’s formal training includes an AS in Renewable Energy and Horticulture, BA in Economics and Environmental Studies and graduate work in Systems Modeling. The foundation of his career has been grounded with over 20 years in the agricultural sector. Working mostly with the commercial mushroom industry, Drew has emphasized finding solutions in operations and product development. Driven by a strong passion for design and systems thinking, Drew’s current responsibilities now include working as a freelance consultant assisting clients with improving their employee and organizational performance – with an emphasis on transitioning towards sustainability. After gaining additional insights into the most significant limiting factors of organizational success, Drew became a certified Conflict Mediator and is a volunteer Board Member of the Santa Cruz Conflict Resolution Center.


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