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About inKNOWvate

inKNOWvate (now DiscoveryFuel.com) is a consulting firm dedicated to partnering with key personnel in your organization to facilitate their ability to capitalize on latent innovation. Our approach is fundimentally based on "whole system design ", which operates on the knowing that the best solutions focus on designing better systems rather than dealing with symptoms. To integrate this principle, we base our work on a "big picture" approach known as 'sustainability' (or 'triple-bottom-line').

Our framework for designing and providing services for engagement looks at six key points of an organization's architecture and developmental path, including:

  1. From personal values to company value proposition
  2. From organizational development to organizational learning
  3. From managerial decisions to collective decision-making
  4. From environmental stewardship to ecological solutions
  5. From social responsibility to equitable choices
  6. From financial optimization to economic vitality

inKNOWvate Using this system, we develop collaborative design workshops that accelerate a company toward strategic targets, while developing clarity on company mission statements and guiding principles that help determine your organization's ultimate success. All to realize a deeper and broader form of INNOVATION than you thought was possible in your organization.

Principals of inKNOWvate

Vic Desotelle comments during CoLab design session, September 2006 ... "Innovation starts with becoming aware of an organization's underlying social canvass. It is here that we become aware of - not just 'what' we create - but also 'why' we create what we do. Be it a family, company, or country, the outcome of addressing innovation from this perspective is the generation of solutions that inspire, provide purpose, and are valued beyond a company's bottom line. When done in a way that is collaborative and intentional, a culture based in meaning emerges, which is the essential ingredient that allows a company to adapt and sustain itself long term.
Drew Goodwin ... "As an inKNOWvate Principle, what really gets me interested in this work is doing design. Whether its designing new products, process improvements, or group process, doing design is where I have found my passion - especially COLLABORATIVE DESIGN. Along with design is my equally deep passion for understanding and modeling systems. Everywhere I look I see systems: chemical, mathematical, physical, biological, ecological, economic, social, political, cultural, metaphysical and esthetic. Systems are living, breathing, growing and (sometimes) dying organisms. Learning about what makes them tick and how to design them fascinates me. A system is what it is, because it is necessarily an interrelated collection of parts that display patterns of behavior (speculation: Is chaotic behavior merely a pattern we do not yet understand?). This is where (W)HOLISM becomes a critical element to my understanding of the story for system design: when you touch one part of a system, you touch the 'whole' thing. As we collaboratively explore the WHOLE SYSTEM, we are designing to achieve specific goals and outcomes, we look for the emergence of new opportunities and insights that will become the INNOVATIONS we need to succeed and sustain our projects, our organizations, and our planet."

If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes ... Albert Einstein

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